Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday in LA LA land.

On Saturday we went walk about in the City of Angels.
Starting with the early morning ( not quite sunrise because I was slacking) at Will Rodgers State Beach in
Malibu. Yes that's right friendlies, we hauled our asses from South Orange County to Malibu on a Saturday morning. Why? when there are dozens of incredible beaches within 20 minutes of our home turf would be go all they way up to 'bu ? Good question.
Sun Up over Santa Monica
The only answer I have is, sometimes you have to get away from home to see the light. We go to Laguna all the time. Yes it is still my favorite OC beach. Maybe getting a different view will make me appreciate Laguna a bit more. (certainly appreciate the drive.)

watch out for the Rocks

I recognize those shadows

After the Beach, I forced poor CD (who had not had coffee or breakfast) to come to the Lake Shrine  with me. He is as patient as they come.  Letting me take pictures of the silly flowers.  The Lake Shrine is a peaceful beautiful place. It does my heart good to hear the quiet rush of the water in the lake.
Bleeding Hearts
Fancy pink lilies
I think this is a california poppy

grape vines on a cottage
pretty light
mossy logs

Princess flowers

cool old bell

After  a  break for a burger and a couple of well  earned  beers. (Flat tire for CD, Anchor Steam for me)   We went into the    Arts district, in search of texture.
Here is some of what we found:
the bridge from zombieland

Ominous clouds over the LA river

LA, with a dipped in Piss treatment for CD

mmmm rust

Sweet Street art

cheerful isn't it

santa was represented

Cool old car in front of the street art


oggie Bogey
Id like to live in this building

a piece by Shepherd Fairey

even the dumpster is cool

What did I learn ?  I learned that LOST  Angeles is a city with many different  faces.   I learned not to walk on the train tracks in LA. (ask the sheriff that gave us hell!)
I learned that  there that there is always something to  take a photos of,  if you look.  I learned that   CD   does in fact day dream.

With love and peace, 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Relationship status

I have a new friend. We are still in the "get to know you" phase of our relationship. 
He is much like his younger brother, a bit bulkier. Much smarter, certainly smarter than I am. ( but I am used to that in my relationships)
 I think that we are on the right track to sharing a long and happy life together.  I am not ready to declare it a love match yet. Not when my hands hurt so much.
Saturday we went to our first wedding together. My hands got tired faster holding him, he is heavier and wider than his brother. But he is faster, and I grudgingly admit, the full frame sensor makes a big difference and I will have to get used to it. I have trained my eyes to see the cropped version of things, and the centering and so on is, different. Here is a snap from Saturday that makes me smile. And since a sense of humor is my main requirement in any relationship, I think this is a point for  the new camera in my life. Making me smile is a sure ticket to staying around.

SOKA University, flower girl with the right attitude.

I will give you a full review of the D700 in a few days.

I still love my D300. Brave, strong little bit of magnesium-alloy. We have been all over and done some dangerous stuff together. When I have had no one to talk to, or share with, that camera saw me through to a better place. So once he is out of the hospital. We will still have our morning jaunts to chase the light.
so for now, I guess my status is "its complicated"
peace and love