Monday, October 10, 2011

Julian California

 Recently, CD and I went on an adventure.
The tool shed at the gold mine
 We went in search of apple pie and
fall foliage.
We found the pie, and lots of it.
But we also found a very cool little town. Picturesque and quaint, Julian is an old gold rush town east of San Diego.
After some pie we went to the Eagle Creek Gold Mine, and asked if we could snap a few photos. The place was amazing, even at high noon, there were all sorts of rusty things that had been laying out in the elements for decades.

The tour of the Gold Mine was very interesting. The guide told us that it took 1 ton of rock to get 1 ounce of gold. An enormous amount of effort went into getting that 1 ton out of the side of the mountain.
rust and cables
 At one point in the tour, the guide sat us down in the middle of the mountain, and turned out the electric lights. Complete darkness. The guide lit a candle to show us how the workers used to see. He explained that the owners did not provide the candles, the miners had to supply their own. So they would walk into the mine in the dark, to conserve the candles for when they needed them.
I had a great time in Julian and I look forward to going back again.
CD wants to go on the motor cycle, that will be a great trip!

with peace, love and apple pie,
a rusty crank

a bench outside the gold mine

a place to wait

abandoned truck

the Pioneer cemetery

Fall foliage

barbed wire

old model T in the shed at the gold mine

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