Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabric, Family and Fun

Saturday, girls day in downtown LA.
we are family
the quest? fabric for Sarah's  prom dress.
The designer: Marti Davis.(you haven't heard of her? not yet... but you will)
The stylist: Tamara
The driver: that would be yours truly.

It is a wonderful thing, when you can find some one that you connect with on a deep level. Marti and Sarah have that kind of connection. They have been 2 bodies one mind for 7 years that they have known each other.
beautiful fabric

Sarah is in heaven


Button wall
this was Michael Levine

silky yumminess

turquoise and chartreuse


are you tired of fabric yet?

Tam checks her camera
Marti contemplates our next move
Sarah is in a good place
of course I found bikes

Walking down the street

Gotta dance
Music on the street

and dance

and dance

street shades
look closer

fruit on the street

lunch break and Mexican coke

Sarah never drinks soda, but she dug this

first sip

oh yeah

wow, and no rum

still life with hot sauce

dolls creep me out

these were really creepy

Fabric on the street

Marti cuts a deal


there were blocks of fabric

Tam goes for "UP"

Marti is really happy

so is Sarag

so am I
We had a great time, we found all that we needed to create a one of a kind prom dress for Sarah, that will be perfect for her. We got loads of ideas for things we can use at Indulging Allure.
Tamara and I love to make our daughters laugh, roll their eyes and see their future.
More to come,
peace and love


  1. Seeing our girls together always makes my heart smile. The moments with them are truly perfect.
    Yes, 2 bodies, 1 mind.

    I seem to recall 2 other girls who fit that description as well.

    (still dreaming about that soda)

  2. the strawberry fanta and the orange cupcakes.... scary and good at the same time.
    like us with the need for chick fila